Law Firm Strategy Session

Let's have a meeting on the phone and discuss the problems you are having with your accounting and management of your firm and see if we agree on a solution. I will ask some questions and you will gain a better understanding of your business. No charge. Click below and let's schedule a meeting.

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Firm Diagnosis Report

Often A Strategy Session will lead to out firm performing a Financial Diagnosis of the finances of your firm. Click below to see an outline of what we do in a typical Diagnosis engagement.

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5 Action Items You Can Do Right Now

Below is a list of 5 things you could do this week to see if you should have confidence in your accounting system. It will only take a few minutes. It's just a few accounting procedures you should be doing anyway.

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Some Horror Stories

Don't let his be your firm. Let's talk if you think this is you. Send me an email at or schedule a Strategy Session.

1$80,000 Loss Because No One Ever Looked At The Check Images
2Ghost Payroll - She Added Her Boyfriend To Payroll
3Bank Fraud - No One Reconciled The Bank Accounts For 9 Months
4Audit Your Vendors - Law Firm Paid For The Bookkeepers Website.

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